Hungerford-Aldridge Families


About Our Family

The Families of Hungerford and Aldridge have been traced back to 1,000 years or so, thanks to many dedicated genealogists of recent years. This website will concentrate on those of us who descend from the following families:

From the HUNGERFORD side is the union of Berton Bloomer Hungerford (1868-1959) and Agnes Ezedeene Aldridge (1883-1946). They were married on December 21, 1898 in Mount Morris, Livingston County, New York. Together, they had 15 children: Muriel Winifred (Hungerford) Little (1900-1997); Marian Ella (Hungerford) Stephens (1903-1962); Amy Hungerford (Annie on birth record - b/d 1905); Berton Marshall Hungerford (1906-1985); Alta Mabel (Hungerford) Cole (1908-1963); Pearl Hungerford (b/d 1910); twins: Wealthia Ann (Hungerford) Huver (1911-1981) and Florence Isabelle (Hungerford) Gross (1911-1944); Helena Ezedeene (Hungerford) Youtzy (1914-1995); Victor Robert Hungerford (1915-1983); Ralph Henry Hungerford (1918-1984); Doris Louise (Hungerford) Fleming (1920-2003); Joseph Hungerford (b/d 1925); Margaret Evelyn (Hungerford) Johnson (1927-2001); Edwin Edward Hungerford (1928-1951). Eddie died in Germany while serving in the US Army.

From the ALDRIDGE side is the family descending from Joseph Adelbert Aldridge (1842-1915) and Florence Luella Barney (1860-1944)They were married on January 25, 1875 in West Sparta, Livingston County, New York. Together, they had 10 children: Adelbert Ernest Aldridge (1875-1936); Bertha Persis (Aldridge) Smith (1878-1970); Morden Hoyt Aldridge (1881-1953); Agnes Ezedeene (Aldridge) Hungerford (1883-1946); Georgia Eudora (Aldridge) Davis (1885-1976); Cornelia Irene (Aldridge) Mott (1888-1976); Philo Augustus Aldridge (1890-1963); Leo Marshall Aldridge (1892-1962); Marie Sophia (Aldridge) Baird (1901-1974); and Alfeda Mae Aldridge (1905-1911) - she was only 6 years old and died of accidental poisoning.